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Quantech Seals is a manufacturer and exporters of Mechanical seals in bangalore. we manufacturer all types of mechanical seals with client specification. Quantech Seals using high quality materials for manufacturing seals. we have many clients in all over india. We are Supply and manufacturer of mechanical seals with variety of industrial mechanical seals products. Quantech Manufacturer Different types of mechanical seals like metal bellow seals, conical spring, grundfos pump seals, multi spring mechanical seals, heavy duty seals, wave spring mechanical seals, PTFE Teflon bellow seals, water pump seals, single cartridge seals, double cartridge seals, rubber bellow seals, dry running mechanical seals etc. Mechanical seals is a industrial application device that helps to together by preventing leakage in plumbing systems, containing pressure. The mechanical seals perform as a valve and slider bearings. this function is check the valve liquid leakage of the pumps. Quantech Seals is a leading manufacturer company of mechanical seals in bangalore. there are different types of mechanical seals like balanced and unbalanced, cartridge type, conventional, pusher and non pusher.

Types of Mechanical Seals

  • Balanced and Unbalanced

Balanced mechanical seals control high pressures are better suited for liquids. balanced seals can avoid these conditions and lead to increase the life of mechanical seals and reduce power consumption. Quantech Seals is the leading manufacturer company for mechanical seals in bangalore. Balancing a mechanical seals involves a small design changes that reduce the hydraulic forces acting to close the seals faces.

Unbalanced mechanical seals working better for any situations with high vibrations and misalignment. Unbalanced seals are more stable than balanced seals, when have vibration and misalignment issue. that time this seals faces the pressure limit.

  • Cartridge Type 

Cartridge seals are provide the required sealing to both stationary housing and spinning shaft. this seals are try to over-come the fitting problems of conventional seals. Cartridge seals are self contained units of a gland plate, shaft sleeve. Quantech Seals is a leading manufacturer company of mechanical seals in bangalore.

  • Pusher and non pusher

Pusher seals used for  an mounted spring seals on the shaft sealing assembly to impart the fixed sealing force to the seal effacement. Pusher seals utilize a dynamic secondary seals.

Non pusher mechanical seal using patented technology, designed specifically for difficult crude oil pipeline applications. non pusher have a secondary seals which stays stationary against the shaft or sleeve.



Quantech Seals leading Exporter and Manufacturer of Mechanical Seals in Bangalore, we are  Manufacturer mechanical seals for different industries like Oil & gas industry, construction, transporting, refining technology, pulp and paper industry, water technology, mining industry, food & beverages processing industry, agriculture industry, manufacturing industries, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, power plant technology, aerospace industry. Bangalore related many industries are there because Bangalore is the best mechanical seals market in Karnataka. Our every clients have a trust on Quantech Seals. because we are choose top materials for manufacturing mechanical seals.  Mechanical seals are mainly used for industrial pumps and compressors. mechanical seals provide the sealing reconciliation between a spinning shaft. Quantech Seals is a best Mechanical Seals Manufacturers in Bangalore. we have many years of experience in mechanical seals manufacturers, exporters.

Designs Of Mechanical Seals

Quantech Seals is a leading manufacturer company of mechanical seals in bangalore. Mechanical seal is an important part of industry application. seals are used to contain fluid or gas within a pump, compressor. mechanical seals are various types include multi spring seals, compressor seal, metallic bellow seals, single spring pump seals, agitators seals and mixer, single & double cartridge mechanical seals. mechanical seals are have three sets of parts. each seals have a set of a primary seal face and set of secondary static seals, typically O rings, wedges and springs to maintain the contact of face.


Selecting the faces and the metal parts of the seals are based on what types of pressure, temperature, liquids and characteristics of the liquid is ideal. Bangalore based have a many industrial related companies, because  mechanical seals are very needful. Quantech Seals have a best stock for all type of seals and we are manufacturer the seals for client specification. Quantech Seals have branches in all over india. To be the leading successful sealing solution provider in Bangalore, Karnataka at delivering highest quality sealing products. we contribute to the protection of the environment and solve all our customer’s problems fast, effectively and efficiently. We make use of best quality raw materials which are sourced from reliable vendors worldwide and assure for quality control checks at each stage of production. we have a good team of young and dynamic technocrats, with years of experience in designing, manufacturing and troubleshooting of Mechanical Seals, we are poised to leave a positive mark.

QUANTECH SEALS purpose is to always inspire excellence in the world through our unique and innovative manufacturing seal products. We make use of best quality raw materials which are sourced from reliable vendors worldwide and assure for quality control checks at each stage of production.  Quantech Seals company is the leading mechanical seals manufacturers in bangalore. A technical service division is supported by qualified personnel and prompt after-sales-service, including free installation assistance and satisfactory troubleshooting with faster delivery. We manufacture reliable, precision range and durability of Mechanical Seals for Pumps, Compressors, Agitators, Mixers, Reactors, Dyeing Machines and all other equipment having rotating shafts. We aim to be a leading and preferred mechanical seals manufacturer, supplier and provider of superior mechanical sealing products around the world.

We have different types of Mechanical seals in Bangalore customers. All the seals are for different purposes and with various features. Below is the list of different kinds of seals we have in our manufacturing units like Metal bellow mechanical seals with durability, Reverse balanced mechanical seals with circular dimensions, Grundfos pump seals for closing the top of pumps, Conical spring mechanical seals for the machinery, Water pump mechanical seals can work in high pressure, Rubber and Teflon bellow mechanical seals for various purposes, Double Cartridge mechanical seals for holding massive weight through machines, Heavy-duty mechanical seals for carrying out heavy work, Dry running mechanical seals for the specially designed machines, Single cartridge mechanical seals with a thin lining, Single spring mechanical seals.

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